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Betsy Hart

Betsy Hart ...Conservative Journalist

Betsy Hart is a columnist for the Scripps Howard News Service. Her column on political and cultural issues, “From the Hart” is distributed nationally each week to 350 newspapers. It appears regularly in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Denver Rocky Mountain News, The Detroit News, the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Boston Herald, among others.

Betsy Hart

Previously, Ms Hart served on the White House staff of Ronald Reagan as a spokesperson in the office of media relations.

Betsy Hart appears each Monday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” show on which she is interviewed about the Washington political scene by host Judy Woodruff. In addition, she frequently appears on the FOX News Channel and other television networks offering her insights on the news events of the day.

Ms. Hart was a regular guest on ABC’s long-running hit, “Politically Incorrect”, hosted by Bill Maher, who told his audience repeatedly that “she is one of our favorites here on the show.” She appeared twenty times on the program with stars like Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin, Rob Lowe and Ted Danson.

Popular radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlesinger says “I always find her columns intelligent.” Oprah Winfrey featured her on a theme show as one of America’s top five women columnists.

Articles about Betsy Hart have appeared in The Washington Times, The Ladies Home Journal and other publications.

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