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Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon Man and Author who ran an unbelievable 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days in 2006.

Dean Karnazes
Dean Karnazes - (pronounced car-NAH-sis) - is a Greek - American ultramarathon runner who might just be the fittest man in the world, writes Men's Fitness (March 2006). More than just an accomplished ultra-endurance runner, Dean is a passionate adventure athlete who is as comfortable surfing the massive breakers of Northern California as he is running 100 miles through the mountains.
This nationally recognized windsurfer and runner is also a competitive snowboarder, mountain biker, surfer, and triathlete. His body-pounding feats include running 350 continuous miles, mountain biking for 24 hours straight, swimming across the San Francisco Bay, running a marathon to the South Pole and winning The World's Toughest Footrace, the Badwater Ultramarathon, by racing 135 miles across Death Valley in the middle of summer.

Dean and his remarkable adventures have been featured on 60 Minutes, The Late Show with David Letterman, CNN Headline News, ESPN, The Howard Stern Show, NPR's Morning Edition, the BBC, and many others. He has appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, including Runner's World and Outside, and has been featured in TIME, Newsweek, People, GQ, The New York Times, USA TODAY, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and the London Telegraph, to mention a few. Runner's World calls Dean: the ultimate ultrarunning specimen, and Outside magazine refers to him as the: Quintessential ultramarathoner.

Karnazes typically places with the elite competitors in official ultramarathons, but he does not have enough outright wins to be known as a best-of-his-class ultramarathon racer. His reputation rests instead upon his "one-of-a-kind" endurance events: feats of distance, duration, or venue, and his ability to attract media attention and corporate sponsorship.

As someone who loves the outdoors, Dean is actively committed to environmental preservation and restoration. Through his running he has raised thousands of dollars for charity (the Special Olympics, the Leukemia Society, and The Challenged Athlete Foundation, among others). He serves on the Board of Girls On The Run, a national non-profit organization dedicated to building confidence and self-esteem in young, largely at-risk, girls, and is a member of the California State Senate Task Force on Youth Wellness.

Dean Karnazes founded Energy Well Natural Foods in San Francisco, CA in 1995, and he remains president of the company, which is now called Good Health Network. He holds graduate degrees in Science and Business. Karnazes resides in the Bay area with his wife, Julie, and two children, Alexandria and Nicholas. He is also a monthly columnist for Men's Health, the world's largest men's magazine. His book, ULTRAMARATHON MAN (Penguin Books, 2005), is a national bestseller and has been published in nine languages. Dean delivers presentations regularly to corporate, college and community groups of all sizes.

Ultramarathon Man
Dean Karnazes' book Ultramarathon Man.

Be sure the check out the article Perfect Human from Wired Magazine by Joshua Davis.

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