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Elaina George, M.D.

...Practicing Physician, National Radio Host, Medical Blogger, Outspoken Advocate for Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationships

Elaina George, M.D.

Physicians; Nurses and Physician’s Assistants; Patients; Educators; Political and Community advocates; Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and other corporate and trade association leaders

Explain the difference between what we are being told by various public and private agencies, politicians, the media and what is actually happening with healthcare in the United States and throughout the world to affect the relationship between caregivers and their patients.

Dr. Elaina George is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist (head and neck surgery). She graduated from Princeton University with a B.S. in Biology and received her Masters in Medical Microbiology from Long Island University. Dr. George earned her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital. Her training included general surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, pediatric Eye, Nose and Throat (ENT) at The NY-Presbyterian Hospital, and head and neck oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She has published in several scientific journals and presented her research at national meetings. As a solo practitioner in private practice who is also a small business owner, she has a unique perspective on the problems of health care delivery, the true costs of healthcare and viable solutions. Dr. George is a recipient of the Patients’ Choice Award in 2008 and 2009.

Dr. George’s interest in the politics of  healthcare and the reform effort has led her to become both a powerful voice for the practicing physician and an advocate for the patient.  She is a contributor to a wide variety of websites including and  Dr George is a regular guest on The Michael Baisden Show, a nationally syndicated program with over 10 million listeners, providing medical expertise.  She has also been a medical expert on various others* including The Tom Joyner Show, Liberty Talk Radio and The Chuck Wilder Show.

*For a complete list of radio interviews, please click below

Link to a radio interview by Dr. George with Cenk Uygur

Dr George hosts “Medicine On Call”, a weekly I-tunes talk show on Radio Sandy Springs that highlights Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) issues, topics of general medical interest and the politics of medicine.

For Medicine on Call, go to

Talking Points of Dr. Elaina George

Formal speech topics are listed near the end of these web pages; here are the starting points for discussion areas, questions & answers in Dr. George’s presentations (keynote speeches, half day, full day).

How did physicians go from independent entrepreneurs to professionals struggling to stay afloat?
Why do many patients now perceive doctors as adversaries rather than allies in healthcare?
Why should the ground-level doctor-patient relationship be personal not political?
What has fueled the reduction of reimbursements and the rise in power by insurance companies in the last decade?
How has healthcare coverage evolved from catastrophic to everyday?
What part do greed and fear play in the healthcare process?
What influence on physicians do pharmaceutical firms and bureaucrats have?
What are the dangers of electronic medical system oversight?
What are the effects of changing the coding system regularly?; the rise of physician’s extenders?; the rise in power of nurses?
Will patients tell the truth if there is a loss of privacy?
What percentage of physicians are involved in litigation; is tort reform necessary?

What effect have increased government and insurance regulations had on doctor-patient relationships?
What is the impact of the cost containment strategy of the Individual Patient Advisory Board (IPAB) and the Coordinating Council of Comparative Research (CCCR); why are no doctors required to be on these Boards?
Do we need a middleman or government setting Medicare rates?

The use of media to educate patients
The primary role of patients in reform
The importance of the Hippocratic Oath

Will patients lose choice?
Do doctors have to become affiliated with hospitals and medical groups to survive?
Will there be less doctor-patient contact?
Describe the changes to the balance of power re: insurance, doctors and patients.
What is the impact of Stark Law’s on services?

Insurance companies and anti-trust regulation
Tort reform and frivolous litigation
Doctors receiving tax breaks in order to write off bad debts
Ways to allow more low-income patients to receive proper care
Why political discourse must be conciliatory not divisive in the future

Sample Articles, Op Ed and Blog Posts

Crony Capitalism Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
The Administration’s Answer to High Healthcare Costs Is….Rationing
The Republicans + Obamacare = Business As Usual
In The Age Of Obamacare Will Your Medical Information Be Used Against You?
Obamacare Endgame: If Doctors Choose To Put Patient Care First They Can Look Forward To Fines Or Jail Time Healthcare Reform, The Politics of Healthcare
The New Media Swine Flu Healthcare Reform as it Relates to Minorities, Swine Flu
The Seminal: Independent Media + Politics; Healthcare Reform
E Pluribus Media: Healthcare Reform
Daily Kos: Healthcare reform

For Dr. George’s most recent blog posts, go to

Suggested Speech Topics

Link to a recent speech by Dr. George

The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Our Healthcare System
An examination of the economic pressures that have resulted in our current system with decisions impacted by insurance companies and the resulting effect on the doctor/patient relationship.

Healthcare Reform: How It Might Hurt America
The unintended consequences of less access to quality medical care; physician shortages; the emergence of a two-tiered “have and have-not” medical system.

The Fundamental Problems With Medical Education
A look at the current training of young physicians away from wellness and prevention to disease recognition. What are the possibilities of an integrative approach to medicine?

The Relationship Of Entrepreneurship To Health And Wellness
How to run a private practice by using a patient-centered approach to incorporate nutrition, cellular testing and high quality supplements.

Corporate Strategies To Reduce Costs Through Wellness
Programs that can be implemented to improve productivity and reduce costs through stress reduction, prevention and wellness.

Work Smarter Not Harder: How To Create A Successful Niche Practice
Balancing the professional demands with life goals outside the office.

Prevent And Repair: Secrets To Healthy Living
This speech concentrates on health strategies including avoidance of toxins in food and water; the use of supplements and vitamins; and, lifestyle changes that can help prevent disease–and in some cases be used to treat diseases once they have been diagnosed. The focus is on how to use the body’s natural healing capacity by relying on metabolic medicine.

The Poisons In Our Food: How They Contribute To Disease
An analysis of the food and pharmaceutical industries and their impact on the explosion in diseases like cancer, obesity, autism and diabetes.

Vaccine And Prevention: Myth Vs. Reality: Are Vaccines Like H1N1 Or Gardasil Safe?
An examination of the increased usage of vaccines that has not led to a decrease in disease. The roles of the pharmaceutical industry, government and the AMA are explained. In addition, Dr. George highlights little known risks associated with the use of vaccines.


“...the truth with compassion”

“Her analysis of how medicine came to this point was illuminating”

“Excellent! She really understands the problem.. Now for the free market solution...”

“...could have listened to her all day long”

“Excellent! Passionately spoken and also offered some good suggestions”

“Excellent and insightful”

For all inquiries about Dr. George regarding keynote speeches, seminars, workshops or other programs, please contact Tony Colao, President, MasterMedia Speakers Bureau


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