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Howard Berg

Howard Stephen BergHoward Stephen Berg...a.k.a. "The World's Fastest Reader" (as published in The Guinness Book of World Records)

Howard Stephen Berg developed the Mega Speed Reading Program to help individuals overcome the loss of essential information as the glut of "paper" continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. After all, the decisions which you make every day are only as good as the source material upon which they are based. 

And it works! Howard's first book, Super Reading Secrets (1992), is now in its 10th printing and his 1998 publication, Speed Reading the Easy Way, is a best seller while tape sales have exceeded $100,000,000 with the latest package available in forty countries and seven languages.

All of Howard's programs can be customized for business, college and community audiences. In fact, we recommend it. Length varies from one-four hours.


Education & Experience

Berg is recognized as the world’s fastest reader thanks to the cutting edge accelerated learning techniques he developed that turn information overload into information assets. Respected internationally for his contribution to the learning process, he is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than 25,000 words a minute and writing more than 100 words a minute.

Howard is a graduate of State University of New York at Binghamton . Using the same strategies taught to his students, this Biology major completed a four-year Psychology program in one year. His graduate studies at several New York City colleges focused on the Psychology of reading. Using his learning strategies Howard scored an 800 on the Biology Graduate Record Examination. Howard also completed a graduate course in Educational Psychology in 7 hours, and passed the six hour Regent's examination in only 50 minutes earning four graduate credits..

Howard taught for 10 years for New York City ’s inner city schools, and witnessed first hand the learning problems plaguing our schools, and developed a complete brain-based learning solution designed to improve academic performance. Solutions he put to use in the 15 private schools he owns, and in public and private schools throughout the nation.

Howard is the Director of the New American School with over 15 locations nationwide, with hundreds of students who are successfully using his brain-based learning programs with their curriculum. He has delivered over 1,000 live presentations about how to use his revolutionary learning techniques.


Publications & Media Reviews

Barron's books requested Howard to write an accelerated learning books for students, and his Time-Warner Book, "Super Reading Secrets is in its 24th reprint.. Nightingale-Conant sold over 650,000 copies of his "Mega Speed Reading Program." Howard has also created more than 14 other accelerated learning programs including speed math, and memory. He is mentioned in a number of books as a leading expert on brain based learning, and has been honored by over 9 books that track outstanding professional performance including, “Who’s Who Among Emerging Leaders, and 2,000 Notable American Men”.

Mr. Berg’s work has been featured in a variety of consumer and business magazines including Forbes, Bottom Line, Redbook, Maxim, Men’s Health and Selling. National and local television audiences have seen him more than 1000 times on such programs as “Live with Regis & Kathy Lee,” and “Dick Cavett.” Because of his entertaining approach to the presentation of useful information, he frequently appeared as a guest with Jon Stewart, and Denis Leary on their Comedy Central shows. Howard appears on radio an average of 2-3 times each week.



Stephen T, an economics major at U of Texas Arlington, graduating with a 4.0 GPA at 16, and completing his Masters in Math at Oklahoma U at 19 with a 3.97 GPA.

Micah S, a 19 year college graduate who has also completed law school and passed the California Bar Exam. His three siblings aged 15-22 have also passed the bar exam or are attending law school.

Brad V who earned his B.A. from Thomas Edison in only six months.

Howard's 11-12 year old students scoring 1100-1200 on their SAT's before taking Algebra or Geometry.

Howard's 11-15 year old students writing 28 page MLA cited reports in under four hours at the graduate school level, and completing a Sophomore college Psychology course in Life Long Development in a single week for credit by passing the CLEP examination.

Five of Berg's students out of a population of 300 were Duke Talent finalists.

Howard's Richland, Texas students aged 11-15 raised $93,000.00 for Down's Research in a single year, and then won the Silver Pyramid Award which is the Academy Award™ given in advertising.

Amy M, a special education student having third grade reading in the 9th grade, who using the learning strategies was able to earn her Associate's degree with a 4.0 GPA when others her age were completing high school, and then went on to get her BA at Baylor, on a full scholarship, in 18 months. Amy earned her Masters degree at 21 in Speech Pathology.

Justin B earned a Masters degree in English at 21, and was a college professor at 22.


Reference Letters

"I feel you have moved one step beyond speed reading to speed learning, bringing the discipline into the 21st Century." --Maurice Thompson, Jr, Past Chairman of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

"Your program is not only one of the most effective ways an individual can increase their reading rate, it's easy to learn." W. Berry Fowler, Founder of Sylvan Learning Centers

"Congratulations Howard, in my opinion you have created the world's most powerful learning system." Doug Hall, Past President of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

"Just a note to let you know how positive the feedback was of your lectures for the 11th and 12th grades. So positive, in fact, that whenever it is convenient for you, I would love for you to come and do the 9th and 10th grades on a similar basis." Mr. Ronald Stewart, Headmaster of the York Preparatory School

"As program coordinator of Coastline Community College, it is my responsibility to provide the community of the Coast Community College District with the 'best' in informative, constructive and entertaining programs. Thanks for making my job so easy by being one of the best presenters we ever had." Suzanne H. Rosas, Program Coordinator Coastline Community College

"If you are considering adding Howard's course to your programs, I urge you to do so." Margie Huoppi, Credit-Free Program Coordinator Quinebaug Valley Community-Technical College

"Evaluations showed 100% exceeded or met expectations...I would recommend Howard Berg to any ASTD chapter and any individual, organization, or association, regardless of industry." Claire Herthum Major, President, ASTD Baton Rouge Chapter

"No audience could ever fall asleep on you! Our members not only learned a lot about speed reading, but were mightily entertained. I can't remember a speaker who was a much fun as you were--you have a talent for showmanship that is outstanding." Bill Ecker, President Rotary Club of San Francisco (Club #2)

"Thank you for presenting such a wonderful Lunch-and-Learn program. It's extremely satisfying to find a speaker who can provide information that can be so useful for our firm and for each employee in their personal and professional lives." Diana Murcia, Human Resource Coordinator for Ernst & Young International Ltd.

"I have personally found that I can read and comprehend the steady flow of technical and trade journals and company memos that used to just pile up in my office. I would recommend your program to anyone who wants to increase their business reading speed and comprehension." Stephen Keyser, Training Director; Mobil Chemical Company
"Employees attending the lunch and learn session were particularly impressed with your tips on how to read people like a book and speed math." Helen Steele, Organization Performance and Employee Development, American Airlines

"On behalf of the officers and Board of Directors, I would like to THANK YOU, for you participation in our Conference of the International Alliance for Learning...We did indeed unleash some of the brain's potential in San Antonio." Doug McPhee, President, International Alliance For Learning
"My reading speed has about doubled, but even more importantly, I can now quickly skim and get some information from material that I would have tossed out before. Frankly, I really believed that if I read faster I would miss a lot. Actually, my understanding of what I'm reading has improved and I seem to be remembering more. The real benefit is my new ability to power through enormous amounts of reading material." Gary Wollin, V.P. Investments, Wedbush, Morgan Securities
"You have helped us develop a deeper awareness and greater appreciation for the importance of continual learning, developing new mental techniques of comprehension, and increasing the throughput of information." Joseph Rende, International Education, Research and Development Manager of Young President's Organization

"One in a million excellent teacher." Betty Bourged, Teacher

"Facilitator made the program very relevant to me as a teacher." Carol Herbert, Teacher

"I have learned valuable information to share with my students re. Memorization and learning new material." Charlotte Heaty, Teacher

"Wonderful information for teachers of all grade levels." Ann M Bourgeoin, Teacher

"Impact your life both professionally and personally." Mervin Do Voe, Teacher

"What a fascinating approach to learning." Winnie Oleary, Teacher

"Well presented with excellent examples.: Kevin France, Teacher

"This program has expanded my mind & approach to learning & teaching in ways otherwise unexplored & unimaginable." Millie Ryan, Teacher

"I found the facilitator to be very unique and full of knowledge." Kerry F Kern, Teacher

"Information very relevant for teachers." Priscilla Bourgei's, Principal

"Howard takes the seemingly impossible & makes it simple. He's a genius and he makes you feel competent." Deedee Clary, Property Manager

"This course has been a definite eye opener, and a rich blessing for me as a teacher." Millicent Mangal, Teacher

"Amazing results! I would not have believed it if I had not tried it." Orlando Rodriguez, Computer Installer

"Extremely useful information delivered & explained with great enthusiasm." Philip Lauer, Graduate Student

"This was the best program I've ever taken." Julie Godfrey, Student

"Great program for students of almost all ages." Christopher Rogers, Computer Technician

Howard's high school students who often graduate in 2.5 years with 30-45 college credits.

Michelle P, a 38 year old high school drop out, completed high school in 6 weeks, and enrolled in Collin County Community College on a full scholarship, where she has earned a 4.0 GPA four semesters in a row. Michelle will be starting Harvard in the summer of 2009 on a full scholarship.

Tabitha T enrolled at U of Colorado at Denver at 17 while still a high school senior, and took three lab science courses, College Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (Calculus-based), along with Calculus 2, and achieved a 4.0 GPA.

Howard's collaboration techniques that enabled a group of MBA students to complete a 8 week program on Operational Management in 2.5 weeks with the lowest grade on the school's standardized exam being an A.


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