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Jeff Lyon

Jeff Lyon...Pulitzer Prize-Winning Science Writer for The Chicago Tribune

Jeff Lyon is the co-author of Altered Fates: Gene Therapy and the Retooling of Human Life , perhaps the most-respected book on "Cloning" and its future impact. He won a 1987 Pulitzer Prize for his series (with partner Peter Gorner) on gene therapy. Jeff was the winner of the 1983 National Headliner Award and is also the author of Playing God in the Nursery.

Jeff Lyon

Now, less than 5 years after "Dolly" was cloned, perhaps the greatest scientific achievement of our lifetimes has occurred and its impact could be revolutionary or frightening. The Human Genome Project has mapped every gene in the body and advocates and opponents now embark on a journey where truly no man has ever gone before. In his program, Jeff covers both sides of the issue, explaining the upside and the dark side of this phenomenal accomplishment.

1. The Human Genome Project: Progress or Peril?
2. How Gene Therapy Will Revolutionize Medicine
3. Stepping Out on the Cutting Edge: Stem Cells and Beyond

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