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John Mattone

...Author and expert on executive assessment, human capital consulting and succession management

John Mattone                    Table of Contents

Pt. 1 … Biography
Pt. 2 … Programs Offered by John Mattone
Pt. 3 … What to Expect from John Mattone
Pt. 4 … Speaker Reviews of John Mattone
Pt. 5 … Partial List of Sponsors (100 Cust.)
Pt. 6 … Books by John Mattone
Pt. 7 … John Mattone’s Wheel of Success


In November, 2011, John Mattone was named by as one of the fastest rising stars in the field of leadership development. The Thinkers50, a biennial list of the world’s top business thinkers, identifies those people who are making a real difference in the world of business. John was ranked as one of the world’s emergent thought leaders and appears on the 2011 Thinkers 50 “Guru Radar” list.

John Mattone is recognized globally as an inspiring keynote speaker, prolific author, and highly sought-after executive coach. John is the President of Executive Development Associates (EDA), a global leadership consulting firm that specializes in executive assessment, development, and coaching. John has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of executive development and human capital management, as an entrepreneur who has built two successful human capital consulting companies, an executive of a multi-million dollar leadership consulting firm and a leading researcher and author known throughout the Fortune 500 for his extraordinary speaking ability.

Prior to EDA, John was the Vice President of Global Assessment Services for Linkage, Inc., where he was responsible for Linkage’s global assessment practice. Prior to Linkage, John was the Senior Vice President of Sales for Drake Beam Morin, the global career and outplacement company. Before joining DBM, John spent 10 years building his first successful consulting firm, Human Resources International.

John has consulted for more than 250 organizations and addressed more than 500,000 people in 2,000 speeches and seminars throughout the U.S., Canada and other countries worldwide. John is a prolific author having written four books as well as over 100 professional articles and book chapters including the award-winning “The Role of Assessment in Driving Operating Results”, published in Jac Fitz-enz book “The New HR Analytics” (AMACOM, 2010) and “Predictive HR Leadership”. He is the co-author of the 2011/2012 Trends in Executive Development Research Report (Pearson and Executive Development Associates, 2011). John’s newest books, STEALTH LEADERSHIP: Using Assessment & Coaching to Propel Your Leaders and Organization to Greatness and UNLOCKING & UNLEASING YOUR LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL are being heralded by leading experts, CEO’s and HR leaders as “groundbreaking and innovative”.

John holds a B.S. Degree in Management and Organizational Behavior from Babson College and an M.S. Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Central Florida. John serves as an Executive MBA faculty member at Florida Atlantic University where he teaches his popular course, Global Leadership Assessment & Development. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Owen School of Management at Vanderbilt University. John serves as Senior Faculty Member with the Talent Management Academy, a worldwide leader in leadership conferences and education. He is a member of numerous professional associations including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches.

Programs Offered by John Mattone

The following are available in a variety of formats (keynote, half-day, full-day, two days). John’s fee will vary accordingly.

In the face of challenging economic times, CEO’s and senior leaders must gain competitive advantage. An organization’s Human Capital Value Proposition (HCVP) is critical in achieving competitive advantage.

This engaging presentation will enable attendees to:
(1) understand the power of a HCVP in helping their organizations achieve incredible operating success through the optimization of human capital;
(2) understand the factors that both enhance and detract from the realization and execution of a winning HCVP; and,
(3) understand the predictive elements of the HCVP in driving breakthrough operating results.

This program is designed to enable attendees to understand and develop a succession management process, including: building a succession management value proposition; benchmarking your succession program utilizing John’s Succession Management Index (SMI), applying state-of-the-art bench strength analyses, conducting formal succession reviews, planning and executing development activities, integrating with other HR programs, and measuring the ROI of your succession management system.   Attendees will receive the SMI diagnostic that will isolate both strengths and gaps in their organization’s succession program.

STEALTH LEADERSHIP: Using Assessment And Coaching To Propel Your Leaders And Organization To Greatness

This program is based on John’s new book, STEALTH LEADERSHIP.   The program is geared for HR professionals who are charged with designing for their own  organizations–a compelling, strategic and predictive talent management system that drives operating success. JMP’s proprietary Stealth Leadership Model provides the foundation for learning about the critical talent management processes that need to be optimized and integrated in order for an organization to achieve and sustain success.

These elements include:
(1) Isolating target competencies;
(2) Deployment--selection and promotion systems and tools;
(3) Diagnosis--calibrating competencies, skills and behavioral tendencies;
(4) Development--coaching and training programs; and,
(5) Demarcation--performance management.

SUCCESS YOURSELF: How To Unlock And Unleash Your Leadership Potential

This powerful program is based on John’s best-selling book, SUCCESS YOURSELF. It is intended for leaders at all levels who desire to become the best they can be. John utilizes his proprietary Executive Maturity Model as the foundation for teaching executives the predictive leadership components that unlock and unleash leadership potential.

These components include:
(1) The core of achieving emotional maturity--possessing a strong self-awareness, self-concept, values, and optimistic belief system;
(2) Positive thinking;
(3) Positive emotions that empower both the leader and others; and,
(4) Possessing the skills to execute mature executive behaviors and competencies that drive leadership success.

In today’s tough economy, managers at all levels are facing numerous challenges when it comes to effective talent management.  Are you asking your managers to do more with less?  Are you worried that top talent in your organization will be lured away by your competition?  Are you asking your managers to attract, engage, retain and motivate their employees?  This insightful program addresses the core talent management issues all organizations face---so, what’s the message?  Accountability for executing talent management resides with managers--not HR!  Attendees will receive JMP’s Human Capital Index (HCI), a researched-based and accurate talent management diagnostic that will identify strengths and gaps in their organization’s talent management system.

Putting The "Coach" Back Into Performance Reviews
Executive Coaching: Improving Leader Capability, Commitment And Alignment
Coaching From The Inside-Out

What to Expect from John Mattone

Sponsor’s Experience:
An opening keynote speech starts your meeting with a bang and keeps everyone talking about my message through the end of the meeting. A closing keynote sends everyone home on an energized "cloud nine." John talks to the level of the audience and connects with them whether they're a group of senior executives, mid-level managers, hourly employees or salespeople.

John’s Style and Approach:
John is a high energy, fast-paced speaker who combines strong content with an entertaining delivery. So you can't miss. John makes an intellectual connection with the audience as well as an emotional one. John’s content is simple, practical, and easy to remember and use.

Support Materials, Handouts and Follow-Up Materials:
For each topic, John provides an introduction; free handouts from his PowerPoint slides or a multi-page workbook (extra charge); a free, comprehensive set of articles (when requested) to publish in the sponsor’s in-house newsletter or magazine; books and assessment instruments; a Pre-Program Questionnaire (PPQ) in order to tailor his program to the audience; photos (color and black and white); and, easy telephone access prior to the program.

Speaker Reviews of John Mattone

John has done over 2000 presentations in the past three decades. Here are some samples of sponsor feedback:

“It was our pleasure to have John Mattone present at the 2010 Austin Human Resource Management Association Annual Conference. I originally contacted John about presenting a session about HR Management, and after additional discussion with him, John was willing to customize a presentation to truly fit our Chapters specific topic request and his presentation was also approved for HRCI Strategic Credit. Some of our attendee comments were: “His Passion shows- inspiration helps”; “Appreciate offer to send slides and article to us”; “Very stimulating, thought-provoking”; “Wonderfully engaging speaker, wish there was more time”; “Thank you so much. By far, the best session I've attended yesterday and this morning”; “Excellent, lots of food for thought and follow-up”. It was my pleasure to work with John and we hope he will speak to our Chapter in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any other information.”
Wendy Chance, CTS 2011 President, Austin Human Resource Management Association

“John Mattone’s Stealth Leadership Model is a great way to integrate leadership development, succession planning and strategic workforce planning efforts within an organization. John does a fantastic job describing it in easy terms yet conveys its powerful ability to drive desired results for any organization. John’s energy, humor and content are engaging.”
Vice President, Talent Management, Kohl’s

“I found John Mattone’s program on “Succession Management” to be very valuable. His program boiled down best practices to a manageable and understandable process…the program materials were user friendly and John demonstrated great expertise and passion…I am looking forward to using what I learned to improve our succession management program.”
Ann Hatcher, Vice President, Talent Management, HCA Healthcare

“I have worked with some of America’s Masters such as Dr. Tony Alessandra, Brian Tracy, Jim Cathcart, Rick Barrera and Dr. Layne Longfellow and I have always thought of John Mattone as one of this country’s premier speakers. He is a dynamic communicator, leading authority in the human capital field and truly one of the best of the Masters.”
Rob Sommers, President, Best of the Masters, Inc. (CA)

“John Mattone’s dynamic personality, true interest in his clients, terrific sense of humor, and human capital expertise make him one of the most in-demand and electric speakers in the talent management field. Having him present four times for a previous company I was affiliated with, I can say his evaluations were exceptional and he was a delight to work with.”
Roseanne Brennan, Prime Hospitality Corporation

“We hired John Mattone to address our association of CEOs from the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Our group has seen every speaker on every topic imaginable through the years and our group is demanding. John Mattone’s presentation was the highest rated ever. He has a unique ability to deliver a powerful message in a fun and effective manner.”
Marvin Berkeley, Former Director, CEO Roundtable

“When it comes to professional speakers—you have no peers. You gave our leaders the inspiration and knowledge to overcome their own internal obstacles and roadblocks to becoming their absolute best—and you were able to achieve this goal in a sincere and humorous way.”
Jerry Dickenson, Former Chairman of the Board, Club Resorts, Incorporated

“John is able to deliver a powerful message, but in a funny and logical manner. He motivates people with his dynamic yet sincere, style…a year later both our executives and employee groups reference John Mattone’s presentation as being the most important step we have taken to unleash our individual and collective talents.”
Ekkehard Grampp, CEO, Rohm Tech, Inc.

“We found John Mattone to be a powerful speaker. His message and content was thought provoking, inspirational and he gave our team useful tools and ideas that could be implemented immediately.”
Convention Committee, Allied Van Lines

“John Mattone is one of the best , if not the best, speakers in the filed of human resource management. We hired John multiple times at my previous company and he always delivered leading-edge thoughts and ideas—in an incredibly energizing and fun way…”
David Irons, American Beverage Corporation

“Attending John Mattone’s “Strategic Succession Management” was a rewarding experience. The work I do as a Regional HR Manager gave me an insight into what I needed to develop for my company. John’s program offered me the ability to go back and create a succession program that I presented to the senior executive team. It was well accepted…so, thank you John for providing me with the knowledge and expertise to succeed.”
Mikoel Turner, PHR, Regional HR Manager, Terminex

“As a speaker, John Mattone is as engaging as he is sharp. If you are looking to unleash the potential of your human capital, John Mattone is the guy to get you there!”
Scott Lake, President, Sawicki-Lake Consulting

“We are writing to recommend John Mattone as a speaker who can increase any audience’s brain activity. We had the privilege of attending his training session on “Succession Management” and his program was not a flash-bang-wow-forget-it- tomorrow session, but one that caused us to stop and think—with plenty of substance and energy. Our overall evaluation was outstanding and John Mattone did a fantastic job—we highly recommend him.”
Talent Management Team, Environmental Protection Agency

“Thank you for doing such a tremendous presentation at the ASA Management Institute in san Antonio. The audience was highly motivated and excited due to your vivacious style of training. You scored an incredible 4.95 (5.0 scale)…”
Sharon Dye, Director of Meetings, Automotive Services Association, Bedford, TX

“John Mattone came highly recommended and I must say he fulfilled all of my expectations and more! He’s a star!”
Suzanne Ahern, Nationwide Insurance Company, Walnut Creek, CA

“John Mattone is the best speaker I’ve ever heard.”
Linda Cirelli, Marketing Department, Hewlett-Packard, Redwood City, CA

“You are to be commended for conducting the best seminar I’ve ever attended.”
W. Elliott, Personnel Department, DuPont Corporation, Wilmington, DE

“Excellent speaker! Mr. Mattone was the most informative and interesting speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.”
Karin Lynn Burris, Personnel Director, State of California

“You were so good! Far above any speaker I’ve ever heard.”
Elsie Mikill, Vice President, Barnett Bank, Vero Beach, FL

“John Mattone is an energetic, upbeat fantastic speaker! The feedback from the staff without exception is all positive and I can already see the results.”
Lorrie Blades, Manager, Ernst & Young

“John Mattone is different. Upbeat, motivational, funny! He challenges you to sharpen your focus and act! Without a doubt, your time with him will translate into ideas and techniques which will drive you to success.”
Julie Valentine, Florida Power and Light, Jacksonville, FL

Partial List of Sponsors

It is impossible to list all of the sponsors who have booked John Mattone over the past three decades. Here are one hundred (100) who have not been previously cited in the Speaker Reviews’ section.

American Veterinary Management Association
Art Institute of Philadelphia
Astra Merck
Augusta Mental Health Institute
Bank Atlantic
Berklee College of Music
Berkshire Medical Center
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Boston Bar Association
Boston Edison
Boston Police Department
Bristol-Myers Squibb
California Autobody Association
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Casket Manufacturers Association
Central Intelligence Agency
Chesapeake Energy Corporation
City of Pittsburgh
Colombo Yogurt
Cobb Electric
Concorde Financial
ConMed Linvatec
Connecticut Department of Social Services
Days Inn
Dean Witter Reynolds
Detroit Edison
Digital Equipment Corporation
First Interstate Banks
Georgia Power
Golf Course Owners Association of America
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.
Hospitality Franchise Systems
Howard Johnson
Hughes Aircraft
Human Resources Association of Long Island
Internal Revenue Service
Island Peer Review Organization
Liberty Mutual
M/A-COM, Inc.
Manchester (NH) Credit Union
Marriott Corporation
Masonite Corporation
Melville Corporation
Miami Valley Development Center
Miles Pharmaceuticals
Multi-Housing Laundry Association
National Board of Realtors
National Tour Association
Navy Federal Credit Union
Nestle USA
Nebraska Machinery Inc.
Neighborhood Healthplan
New England Human Resources Association
New Jersey Board of Realtors
New York State Human Resources Directors Association
Norwest Mortgage
Nyack (NY) Hospital
Ontario Coffee Services Association
Private Healthcare Systems
Regions Bank
SmithKline Beecham
Smithsonian Institution
Society for Nutrition Education
Sonoco Products, Inc.
Southwest Energy Company
State of Alaska
State of New York
State Police of Rhode Island
State University of New York
St. Mary’s Hospital
Tennessee Valley Authority
True Value Hardware
United Health Association
United States Air Force
United States Army Corps of Engineers
United States Defense Mapping Agency
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Energy
United States Fish & Wildlife
United Technologies
Ventana Roche
Wake Forest University
Westbrook Hotel Corporation
Young Presidents Organization

Books by John Mattone

Using Assessment And Coaching To Propel
Your Leaders And Organization To Greatness.

Stealth Leadership

John’s new book targets Human Resource professionals, leadership and Organization Development (OD) professionals, internal and external consultants as well as CEO’s and operating executives. STEALTH LEADERSHIP explores and explains the strategic importance and power that leadership assessment and coaching have in driving an organization’s operating success. The Stealth Leadership Model is unique, compelling and simple to understand yet most organizations struggle executing its basic principles.

Stealth Leadership: Using Assessment and Coaching to Propel Your Leaders and Organization to Greatness

Stealth Leadership Model

(1) Understand leadership performance and potential;
(2) Accurately measure and calibrate performance, potential and readiness;
(3) More effectively leverage assessment results;
(4) Effectively utilize the “9 Box” methodology
(5) Determine who needs to be coached-when, where, why and how;
(6) Understand and effectively integrate multi-rater feedback, simulation assessment results and behavioral tendency feedback results and,
(7) Enable you to coach executives to become the absolute best they can be


Unlocking and Unleashing your Executive Potential

John’s fourth book is intended for current leaders at all levels as well as emerging leaders who desire to become the best that they can be.

John uses his proprietary Executive Maturity Model as the foundation for describing and teaching executives the predictive components that unlock and unleash their potential.

These components include:
(1) Being able to achieve emotional maturity through possessing a core of strong self- awareness, self-concept, values and optimistic belief systems;
(2) Positive Thinking;
(3) Affirmative Emotions that empower both leaders and followers and,
(4) Possessing Skills and Competencies that drive executive success

How To Unlock & Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Success Yourself: How to Unlock & Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Originally published by MasterMedia in 1996, this was the first Enneagram book written for leaders. SUCCESS YOURSELF explains in remarkable detail how to use the Enneagram—the only psychodynamic model of personality—that divides all leadership behavior into nine predominant types. Unlike other personality models, however, which typically explain leadership behavior in terms of four types, the Enneagram provides clear paths to follow to achieve greater levels of self-understanding and leadership maturity. SUCCESS YOURSELF also includes the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), which details a leader’s predominant type along with a “maturity metric” tied to the nine types that comprise their style. The book includes a powerful chapter on how leaders can increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence—the two characteristics that predict executive success.

A Guide To “Win/Win” Reviews

Positive Performance Management: A Guide to "Win/Win" Reviews

Originally published by National Press in 1996, POSITIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (a best seller), describes how most leaders (and their employees) get anxious when conducting performance review discussions. PPM provides the strategies you can use as a leader to ensure your review discussions are positive, powerful and stress-free.

PPM will help you:
(1) Review your employees in a fair, honest and objective manner;
(2) Successfully execute the validated PPM Cycle;
(3) Coach, motivate and inspire your employees to achieve breakthrough performance;
(4) Set measurable performance criteria; and,
(5) Successfully use “checkpoints” to keep employees on track.

John Mattone’s Wheel of Success
for Leadership Assessment and Development

John Mattone’s Wheel of Success for Leadership Assessment and Development

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