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Richard Croker

Author of THE BOOMER CENTURY 1946-2046: How America’s Most Influential Generation Changed
Everything (Springboard Press, 2007)

Born late in 1946, Richard Croker is one of the “leading edge” Baby Boomers. “I’ve been researching THE BOOMER CENTURY for 60 years,” he says. “If I could find the receipt for my coon skin cap I would claim a tax deduction.”

He lived through the sixties and seventies and even remembers most of the events of those tumultuous years. Richard attended President Kennedy’s inauguration and wept when John John saluted his father goodbye. He evolved from a supporter of the Vietnam War to an opponent. Richard protested the expulsion of Julian Bond from the Georgia legislature (due to his adamant anti-war sentiments) and was one of the very few white Southerners to walk in Dr. King’s funeral procession. He calls that the proudest moment of his youth.

And yet, the real research conducted for THE BOOMER CENTURY put him on “an incredibly steep learning curve.” The producers of the PBS documentary for which Croker’s book is the companion interviewed more than thirty people with an incredible range of expertise on this amazing generation of Americans, beginning with Dr. Ken Dychtwald, the undisputed guru of all things Boomer. There were also historians, economists, sociologists, politicians, celebrities, authors, entrepreneurs and survivors who examined the past, present and future of “the pig in the python.”


THE BOOMER CENTURY is divided into three sections (roughly translated to Past, Present & Future).

Click Here for more information on the book and its chapters.

“I feel like I’ve earned a Ph.D in Boomerology,” he says (Richard actually has a B.A. degree from Georgia State University). Prior to writing THE BOOMER CENTURY, Croker was a producer/director at Turner Broadcasting for 18 years, followed by 5 years as a documentary filmmaker. His credits have appeared on Superstaion TBS, TLC and the Discovery Digital Networks.

He is also the author of two historical non-fiction books about the American Civil War, TO MAKE MEN FREE: a Novel of the Battle of Antietam, and NO GREATER COURAGE: a Novel of the Battle of Fredericksburg. Two of Richard’s great grandfathers fought for the Confederacy. Samuel Freer Croker was wounded twice, once at Second Manassas (Brawner’s Farm) and later at Petersburg.

Richard Croker lives in Marietta, Georgia with his wife Terry to whom he has been married for more years than she will allow him to tell.

Comments on Richard:

“Your talk at the Carter Presidential Library brought the significance of Antietam alive.”
Dr. Jay Hakes, Director, Carter Presidential Library and Museum

(Croker) “may be the next Shelby Foote.”
Joe Kirby, Marietta Kiwanis Club

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