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Tamar Jacoby

Tamar Jacoby...Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Tamar Jacoby has been writing about race and other social issues for over 20 years. In addition she has taught courses on race relations and American foreign policy at Yale, the Cooper Union for Science and Art, and the New School for Social Research.

She is the author of Someone Else's House, which chronicles the efforts to achieve integration in three major cities: New York in the 60s, Detroit in the 70s and Atlanta in the 80s.

Tamar Jacoby

In her speeches, Ms. Jacoby relates what has gone wrong in the past, what government can do and why we all must work together in a renewed effort to get it right this time.

1. The True Cost Of Alienation
2. Integration: America's Unfinished Struggle
3. What Americans Really Believe

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