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Vince Morvillo

Vince Morvillo

  • A passionate entrepreneur with a record of success in the medical, business consulting, and marine industries
  • An effective inspirational speaker--a champion for the audience–who helps organizations change their way of thinking to “harness the power of the unimagined”
  • A fiery competitor in sports, business and life
  • A person who was severely vision-impaired at birth, progressing to blindness as a young child
  • An accomplished yachtsman of note, becoming the first blind person to win a national sailing championship, the 2004 Ensign Nationals competition in Newport, RI. by a huge margin over 40 “sighted” teams


A highly successful business consultant and entrepreneur and the first blind person in history to win the prestigious National Ensign Sailing Championship, Vince Morvillo embodies a lifelong belief that "Anything is possible when you see other solutions.”

Vince was born blind, but far from being defeated by his disability, he learned that blindness could be a catalyst for creativity. Not being able to see as others do forced Vince to approach even commonplace situations in a non-conventional way, literally to “see things differently.” Applying this way of thinking to other pursuits replacing sight with vision has led to extraordinary achievements in business and in his personal life.

As a youth, Vince was raised to believe that his blindness was no excuse for failure to succeed. That belief, inspired by his mother, guided him daily whether it was in a high school or college track competition, or in saving the life of a near-death pulmonary patient, or in earning a substantial income for his family.

Packard Children’s Hospital (PCH) at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, is a world-class, non-profit hospital devoted in the late 1960s entirely to the care of babies, children, and adolescents. Vince worked his way through college by working at PCH. Recognizing his natural ability to deal with children, and capitalizing on his understanding of special needs patients, Vince became an integral contributor in PCH’s pulmonary research activity. Ultimately he oversaw the testing portion of a research project for children with cystic fibrosis.

Upon graduation from Cal State University at San Jose, Vince was hired to lead the Department of Pulmonary Testing and Respiratory Therapy at the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco. At the time, he was the youngest department head in the Hospital.

CPMC is one of the largest private, not-for-profit, academic medical centers in California, providing acute, post-acute and out-patient hospital care. Both PCH and CPMC are nationally recognized for their outstanding medical research results.

Vince then moved on to Houston Ventures, Inc. (HCI), a privately-held venture capital company with portfolio investments in the medical, manufacturing, organic foods and precious metals reclamation industries. As a result of his success with the company, Vince relocated his young family to Houston in 1975 and he assumed the role of Executive Vice President at HCI.

While at HCI, Vince gave CEO-level leadership to a company that provided equipment, staffing, billing, and reporting to 45 rural hospitals throughout GA, TX, MO, PA, MA, IA and CA. Under Vince, the company returned to profitability in 22 months, expanded its service footprint to 57 hospitals, and ultimately achieved a 25% return on assets.

At the same time, he also managed the start-up of a staffing company which matched nurses with hospital requirements in a unique “flexible labor force” model. The company was the premier one in the medical industry in Houston at the time it was sold.

Finally, Vince was enlisted to liquidate the business and assets of a silver recycling company that had built its business model near the historical top for silver prices in the US and was able to recover almost 90% of the investors’ initial investment

Not resting on his laurels, while in Houston, Vince earned an MBA from the University of Houston at Clear Lake in 1984, graduating in the top 2% of his class. He also had extensive course work in physiology, anatomy, physical education, kinesiology and motor skills development with an emphasis on physical education.

By the mid 1980’s, Vince had achieved significant business successes working for others. Those experiences, in conjunction with what he had learned during his MBA studies, coupled with his natural passion for setting and achieving higher goals, took him down the path of entrepreneurship--a path he remains on today.

Growing up and sailing on the water in Rhode Island, being an avid sailor since his youth, and now living along the Texas Gulf Coast, a water-based business seemed a logical choice to Vince. With that in mind, Vince purchased a dilapidated marina on the mid-coastline of Galveston Bay. He opened a combination marina/wholesale seafood/bait shop/restaurant operation. This was an excellent first venture for Vince, as he is well-trained at carpentry and woodworking; and a business on the water always needs those types of repairs. Four years later, after developing a very profitable operation, Vince sold the business.

With the profit from the sale Vince knew he could develop a business that would embrace each of his passions--namely, competition, business success, sailing, reaching for the seemingly unattainable, and giving back to the community. From that combination, Sea Lake Yacht Sales was established in 1985 with no additional outside financial backing.

Under Vince’s ownership, guidance and management, Sea Lake became the Texas market share leader (42%) in the sail boat market for both new and used boats; was the pre-eminent sponsor for the 2007 Rolex International Women’s Keelboat Championship; and, was a major sponsor for the 2008 U.S. Special Olympics Sailing Team.

At the same time that he was building the business, Vince achieved several personal milestones, including being inducted as an Honorary Admiral in the Texas Navy, an elite recognition that requires endorsement by the sitting Texas Governor and was also elected President and Director of the Yacht Brokers Association of America.

In addition to the accomplishments noted above, Vince’s community involvement has been recognized. He was named Yachtsman of the Year by the Houston Yacht Club, one of the oldest yacht clubs in the US (and home to numerous Americas Cup and Olympic competitors). Vince received the Good Skipper Award, presented by Boys and Girls Harbor, a charitable, long-term care facility for abused, abandoned, and neglected children ages five through eighteen. He became the Director of The Lighthouse of Houston, a private, nonprofit education and service center dedicated to assisting blind and visually impaired people to live independently. Finally, he was also Director of Bay Access, Inc., a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the support of amateur sailing and nature conservation in and around Galveston Bay--one of the world's most productive estuaries.


Vince has two books scheduled to be published in the next 18 months. The first is his memoir, CAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? followed by SAVE OUR SALARIES, a quick reference which offers strategies for managers to energize profits and sales and reposition their companies (thus saving the salaries of its employees). Also in development is a third book, SAVE OUR SALES, and a movie script based on Vince’s life story.


Building an Effective Team-A Three Step Process to Reach Innovative and Ground -breaking Solutions
Business is a dynamic profession that creates new ideas and approaches to meet the changing business environments. Wouldn’t it be great if employees could engage in creative thinking while eliminating the negatives and “can’ts?” This talk gives the audience the unique tool to meet challenges head on and prosper from them.

See Other Solutions
S. O. S. is the international signal to bring assistance to a challenging event. In business, too, S.O.S. is your solution to resolve challenges.

Reflecting on his experience and approach, Vince has developed an effective, five-step method to help businesses, sales professionals and individuals redirect their way of thinking to See Other Solutions. Vince shows how to break down the barriers and go beyond excellence.

This presentation is entertaining as well as informative. The audience will learn the method that allowed a blind person to compete and win in sailing competition, develop a business without outside financial backing and change industry rules while also building an effective sales team.

Harness the Power of the Unimagined
In this motivational talk, Vince affirms the fact that anything is possible when you “harness the power of the unimagined”. Vince’s own experience has proven that it is not sight that builds successful companies, or enables you to succeed, compete and win. Rather, it is your own “vision”-- the ability to understand that “what is, is not all there is or can be”. This belief has led to Vince’s extraordinary achievements, and he wants to share that belief with his audience.

Listening Sells
Most sales people spend too much time talking up the "selling points" of their product. But sales success doesn't come from knowing what you have to sell. It comes from understanding what your customer wants to buy. This sales training program, using case studies, teaches the attendees seven question types that are used to draw out the customer’s purchase vision; his utility value (what he will pay); hearing what is being said to you; and, empathizing with the customer’s point of view.


August 25, 2011


Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your story with our Siemens employees. I have received very positive feedback to your speech and it has been an informative, eye opening session for many of us. We would like to stay in touch and keep you informed on GEN-i’s progress.

We will also forward your information to our sales management for potential sales training opportunities. Please feel free to share the articles you would like me to include in that communication.

Again it was wonderful meeting you both today and thank you for supporting our employee affinity group’s efforts to advocate for people with disabilities.

With best regards,

Narcisa Wyngarden, Strategic Marketing, Siemens Industry, Inc. (TX)

February 3, 2011

Dear Vince,

On behalf of the Association of Marina Industries (AMI), I would like to thank you for speaking at the 2011 International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I understand the time and hard work that went into creating your presentation, The Recession Isn’t Always About The Bottom Line, and appreciate your efforts.

I am delighted with the success of this year=s conference. Our final counts put the number of participants over 830 and 125 exhibitors. These numbers exceeded our registration numbers from 2010 and as a result, the conference was one of AMI=s best showings in its history. Your contribution to the conference and participation as a speaker were vital to its success.

As a speaker and experienced professional in the marina industry, I value your thoughts and opinions and would appreciate hearing from you if you have any suggestions on how we can improve future conferences.

Thank you again for presenting at the conference. I look forward to seeing you at future conferences.

Rachel LaMarre, IMBC Coordinator, International Marina & Boatyard Conference (RI)

June 20, 2010

Hi Vince,

Thank you for speaking at the 2010 Sailing Industry Conference in Annapolis on June 15 and 16. Thanks to the wonderful support of our sponsors and our hard-working committee, the conference was a great success. All of the speakers did a great job and the topics covered many areas that are critical to the future success of sailing-related businesses. The Industry Conference also provided the ideal opportunity for networking and making new contacts.

Just in case you didn’t get everyone’s business card, I'm pleased to send you the complete list of Industry Conference attendees and speakers. Please note that this list will only be shared with those people that actually attended the Industry Conference.

Please let me know if you require any further information in the meantime.

Jonathan Banks, Executive Director, Sail America (RI)

Dear Vince,

This letter is a formal "Thank You" for the outstanding job you did as a Dinner Speaker with our 25 clients at The Hotel Icon recently. We have organized over 30 Client Roundtables for Corporate Officers and Outside Directors of multinational energy and chemical companies during the past ten years. Yours was the best of the dinner speeches preceding any of these Roundtables.

Given the responses of our guests, my only regret is not allocating more time for your comments and Q&A! Clearly the group would have enjoying hearing more about your exploits. During these challenging economic times, all organizations must employ the “Out of the box” thinking that you describe. I particularly enjoyed your story of your newest sales person who generated leads (as well as sales) by being at the dealership on Sundays and evenings when you were officially "Closed".

Having known you for over 12 years, I am not surprised by your approaches as well as your successes.

Thanks again,
George Pilko, Chairman, Pilko & Associates LP

March 22, 2007

Dear Vince,

Regarding your recent presentation to the International Yacht Brokers Conference in Nashville , let me offer the following few words:

Engaging! Emotional! Inspirational!

And, yes, the entire audience laughed (a lot), they cried (just enough) and they responded (entirely) with an unprecedented standing ovation. All the things a meeting planner desires!

It was a true pleasure to work with you and a real delight to be able to offer our attendees a unique and rewarding program; one that made each of us better appreciate our personal and professional blessings. Congratulations on a terrific presentation and thank you, thank you, thank you!
Joseph Thompson, Executive Director, Yacht Brokers Association of America (MD)

Dear Vince,

Thank you for your truly inspiring presentation to the participants during the "Carolyn Garrett Legislative Leadership Conference". Your story regarding your mother's empowering attitude certainly allowed the students to see how they too can achieve their dream goals. As one participant, stated in his evaluation, "everything was valuable" to him in your presentation.

I hope that we will be able to coordinate future activities with you, as you are really a wonderful mentor for the consumers. Thank you again for your contribution, and we will contact you about the possibility of a tour of your business.

Angela C. Price, Transition Counselor, DARS (Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, State of Texas

Dear Vince,

Thank you for coming to Nashville as to speak to the Special Olympics Team USA Sailing Team, who will represent the USA in Shanghai this fall. Your message was inspiring. The point of view you bring is just the message this group of athletes need to hear. You are a great supporter of Special Olympics.

This is the second time that you have volunteered to speak to Special Olympics groups. Our local sailing team also got your moving and positive message. Thanks for your continuing support for the Space Center Rockets Special Olympics Delegation, the Rockets Sailing Team, and Team USA.

I am sure your message will continue to aid the challenged to overcome those challenges.

Jack Yoes, Head Coach Sailing & Dash; Special Olympics Team USA 2007

November 15, 2006

Dear Mr. Morvillo,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of the "Ability First" conference in London, Ontario. We're still getting great response from people who attended and heard your presentation, and we're even hearing from people who didn't attend, but wish they had!

Your presentation was from the heart and touched everyone in the audience. This conference, we believe, was the first of its kind in Canada, if not North America. Bringing employers together to discuss reasons why it's good business to hire people with disabilities was a unique idea, but one we're so glad we attempted. This is just the beginning and we hope to have positive results to report in the next year.

Yours truly,
Kate Young and Lynn Wilkes, TD Bank Financial Group, London, Ontario, Canada


Vince Morvillo was born blind, but far from being defeated by his disability, he learned that blindness could be a catalyst for creativity. Not being able to see as others do forced Vince to approach even commonplace situations in a non-conventional way, literally to "see things differently". Applying this way of thinking to other pursuits--replacing sight with vision--has led to extraordinary achievements in business and in his personal life.

(Note: While this was Vince Morvillo's first National Championship against able-bodied sailors, he had previously won National and World titles in Blind Sailing events).

To win the competition, Vince assembled a team of three able-bodied sailors who could share the dream of a blind sailor. Vince describes the most role he had as skipper in the race:

"The most important part for me was to feel the rhythm of the boat as the waves bumped the bow up and down. The ability of the team to adjust sails to my steering, the constant trimming as I move up and down in the groove, harmony, and positive thinking at all times and each respecting the other are needed to create the trust that everyone is doing their job."

“I think that all persons, disabled or not, should go out and do those things they choose to do. No one should ever be intimidated about trying something new. Sailing gives a feeling of freedom and develops positive energy. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the subtleness of nature. So I would encourage anyone to get involved in the many sailing programs."

Dear Vince Morvillo,

On behalf of the Leads Board of Directors, Leads clients, sponsors and staff, we would like to thank you for making our 20th anniversary celebration such an unforgettable event. Since 1986, Leads has provided support to over 9,500 people with disabilities in search of employment and secured over 11,400 paid positions with an 80% retention rate. Leads has always been on the cutting edge of service delivery for people with disabilities in the human resources industry, and we lead by being diligent and innovative to our cause.

Often we forget to look back at what we have achieved and take time to celebrate our success. Your presentation has given us that moment, a moment where we were Are-charged< and reflected with pride of our accomplishment and the importance of our mission.

Wendy Lau, Director, Leads Employment Services, London, Ontario, Canada

As my blog, “Everything’s Connected” indicates, I embrace 100% the premise that we are all connected. Though the uniformly accepted premise is that there are 6 degrees of separation, my premise is that in Houston , there are only 3 degrees of separation. I had the most fortunate privilege of discovering a very "insightful" Houston entrepreneur who has converted his lack of sight (he's been blind since birth) to inspire us all to harness the unimagined. Vince Morvillo is a highly successful business consultant and entrepreneur. With no outside financial support, Vince personally built one of the largest sales organizations on the Gulf Coast , taking it to profitability in just two years. He has achieved the unimaginable, becoming the first blind person in history to win a national yachting championship. Vince has replaced lack of sight with incredible vision. I hope that we can all learn to use all of our senses to achieve our ultimate potential.

Pam Lovett, Vice President, Comerica Bank (Houston, TX)


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Vince Morvillo is available for speeches and workshops exclusively through the MasterMedia Speakers Bureau.

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